The Peace Corps Reunion was held near Granby. On the drive there we went through Berthoud Pass which was quite a climb up above the tree line. We arrived just in time to have some beers with everyone who had already gotten there. There were 13 volunteers from the original group and 28 people altogether. The first day we drove out to a nearby trailhead and hike up to Lost Lake.
Near Granby Marsh Marigold Yellow Flower
Near Granby Marsh Marigold Globe Flower

On the way to the lake we saw snow still on the ground. The lake itself was gorgeous with snow-capped mountains making a great backdrop.
Lost Lake Standing in the Snow Frannie
Lost Lake Standing in the Snow Frannie Swims

That afternoon Susan and I drove Grand Lake and took another short hike to see Adam's Falls on the southern edge of Rocky Mountain National Park. While the falls weren't spectacular, there was a very pretty marsh above the falls and some pretty yellow flowers we found out later are called arnica.
Adams Falls Marsh Arnica
Adams Falls Marsh Arnica

On the last day a couple of groups of people went horseback riding around the grounds of the "ranch". Although we looked for moose every day and saw a lot of elk, the moose proved elusive until the last evening near Granby when we found one munching weeds across a creek from the road we were staying on.
Moose Neat rock formation Moose
Thai92 Riding Club Neat rock formation Moose

On the way back to Denver for our flight home we drove through Rocky Mountain National Park along Trail Ridge Road. It is the highest stretch of paved road in the country with 8 miles of road above 11,000 feet. Along the sides of the road are snow poles so that after it snows (and it does that alot) the snow plows can tell where the road is and avoid going off the edge of the mountain.
Valley Pretty View Snow Pole
Valley and Trail Ridge Road Nice View Snow Pole

Ted on Ridge

The End!

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Last modified: 26 June 2005