1998 in Review

  1. Out of Sight, A-, great chemistry and dialogue
  2. The Spanish Prisoner, B+, fun and intriguing, but the ending fizzles
  3. The Truman Show, B+, interesting idea, good performances
  4. Gattaca, B+, great story and fine side performances
  5. Zero Effect, B, offbeat but fun take on Sherlock Holmes
  6. Babe: Pig in the City, B+, great acting performances by animals
  7. Pleasantville, B-, not subtle, but fun to watch
  8. Mulan, B, good story and animation, but lacks zip
  9. Saving Private Ryan, B, not sure what they are trying to say
  10. Antz, B, not the Disney formula, no Disney magic either
  11. A Bug's Life, B, fun to watch, but lacks depth
  12. Rounders, B-, not as good as Good Will Hunting
  13. Something About Mary, B-, crude but with a handful of very funny scenes
  14. The Mask of Zorro, B-, hollow, mechanical version of Zorro
  15. The Apostle, B-, Duvall can't do it alone, but he tries
  16. The Opposite of Sex, C+, not people you want to spend time with
  17. Pi, B-, interesting but macabre
  18. Primary Colors, C+, oversimplified portrait of a candidate
  19. The Big Lebowski, C-, a Coen brothers misfire
  20. The Siege, D, no imagination and nothing new