1999 in Review

  1. Being John Malkovich, A-, lots of neat ideas, great puppet sequences
  2. The Sixth Sense, A, well done and effective without being gory
  3. IMAX: Elephants of Africa, A, best IMAX movie I've seen; and it has a plot
  4. The Matrix, B+, very cool
  5. Toy Story 2, B+, just as good as the first one and maybe better
  6. South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut, B+, obscene, but still very funny
  7. Tarzan, B+, animation is key to telling Tarzan in a new way
  8. The Iron Giant, B+, good story, always entertaining
  9. Rushmore, B, a neat character, but the movie strays
  10. Election, B, good, but it's just about a high school election
  11. Three Kings, B, the Gulf War's only movie legacy?
  12. The Red Violin, B, slow pace, but keeps you interested
  13. The Green Mile, B, good characters, needed more substance
  14. A Civil Action, B, good movie but doesn't have a satisfying ending
  15. October Sky, B-, good story, but overly emotional
  16. Notting Hill, B, yeah, it's a formula, but it works
  17. The Phantom Menace, B, disappointing, but I'm glad Lucas got back into it
  18. Topsy Turvy, B-, not much happens
  19. American Beauty, B-, characters lacked humanity
  20. Happy, Texas, C+, a few funny moments
  21. The Talented Mr. Ripley, C+, boring and pointless
  22. Fight Club, C, stylish, but silly
  23. Eyes Wide Shut, C-, beautiful but boring
  24. The Spy Who Shagged Me, C-, some funny moments; getting tired
  25. Bowfinger, D+, this movie just wasn't funny