2001 in Review

  1. Blackhawk Down, A, absorbing and intense action movie
  2. Fellowship of the Ring, A, impressive start
  3. Gosford Park, A, well crafted
  4. Moulin Rouge, A-, succeeds in spite of itself
  5. Ocean's Eleven, A-, well executed caper film
  6. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, A-, entertaining, but loyal to the book to a fault
  7. Vanilla Sky, B+, like doing a jigsaw puzzle without seeing the box
  8. Kate and Leopold, B+, nice romantic comedy
  9. Monster's Ball, B+, very slow but powerful
  10. The Others, B+, a very solid scary movie
  11. The Mexican, B+, interesting
  12. Monsters, Inc., B, good entertainment
  13. The Royal Tenenbaums, B, quirky characters trying a little too hard
  14. Amelie, B, quirky, cute, a little dull
  15. Enemy at the Gates, B, weak story overpowered by the setting
  16. A Beautiful Mind, B-, tries too hard, but a good story
  17. Shrek, B-, could have been better
  18. Training Day, B-, suspenseful, but far from realistic
  19. Ghost World, C+, good performances, unlikable protagonist
  20. Behind Enemy Lines, C+, contrived and conventional but exciting
  21. IMAX: Beaver, C+, cheesey IMAX movie
  22. Legally Blonde, C, doesn't apply itself
  23. American Pie 2, D, lacks the few charms of the original