2002 in Review

  1. Chicago, A, fun entertaining movie delivers on everything
  2. We Were Soldiers, A, Vietnam gets the Blackhawk Down treatment
  3. The Quiet American, A, solid acting does justice to a great book
  4. Spider-Man, A, great action movie, great hero, great villain
  5. Solaris, A-, beautiful, mysterious, brooding movie
  6. 24 Hour Party People, A-,
  7. Catch Me If You Can, A-, well-crafted story and fun to watch
  8. Dogtown and Z-Boys, A-, solid story of and by 70's L.A. skateboarders
  9. Spellbound, A-, very good story of kids in national spelling bee
  10. The Two Towers, B+, impressive scale
  11. Signs, B+, neat hybrid of soul searching plus monster movie
  12. Bowling for Columbine, B+, compelling observations, few conclusions
  13. Adaptation, B+, interesting concept unravels
  14. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, B+, entertaining with neat effects
  15. City of God, B+, well-crafted story and strong characters
  16. The Hours, B+, depressing, but interesting interwoven stories
  17. Lilo & Stitch, B, good characters and message, but a little bumpy
  18. Attack of the Clones, B+, neat to watch, needs depth and fun
  19. Minority Report, B, sci-fi re-make of The Fugitive
  20. The Bourne Identity, B, well-executed but generic chase movie
  21. Bend It Like Beckham, B, good culture clash movie strikes right balance
  22. My Big Fat Greek Wedding, B, cute and funny with ethnic stereotypes
  23. Road to Perdition, B, quiet performances, kind of boring
  24. Spirited Away, B, pretty, nice story; just plain weird
  25. 8 Mile, B, realistic and gritty, but not much to it
  26. The Good Girl, B, well done but dark and meaningless
  27. Y Tu Mama Tambien, B, frank look at exaggerated teenage sexuality
  28. Star Trek Nemesis, B-, a really good TV movie
  29. The Secretary, C+, goes right past quirky to disturbed
  30. One Hour Photo, C+, overly long indie short film
  31. Sweet Home Alabama, C+, disappointing but cute
  32. Gangs of New York, C, big budget movie with a weak story
  33. About a Boy, C, self-indulgent main character isn't cute or funny
  34. Ice Age, C, hunted animals save hunter's child
  35. Igby Goes Down, C, dark with unlikable characters
  36. Austin Powers: Goldmember, D+, tired; the Goldmember character isn't funny