2004 in Review

  1. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, A, weird, fun, sweet, and scary
  2. Riding Giants, A, surfing movie combines adrenaline and education
  3. Troy, A, surprisingly good but largely overlooked movie
  4. Garden State, A, warm, sweet, and eccentric with great characters
  5. Proof, A-, nice mix of family, math, romance, and dementia
  6. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, A-, the best of the series so far
  7. Sideways, A-, enjoyable but not terribly complex road trip movie
  8. The Incredibles, A-, somewhere between Toy Story and Monsters, Inc.
  9. Finding Neverland, A-, sweet and sentimental without being syrupy
  10. Collateral, B+, good writing, good performances, cool look
  11. The Bourne Supremacy, B+, well-executed spy movie
  12. Wimbledon, B+, a solid british romantic comedy
  13. The Polar Express, B+, enjoyable Christmas classic
  14. Man on Fire, B+, Denzel kicks the habit and some butt
  15. The Aviator, B+, interesting but also lacking
  16. Spiderman 2, A-, too conflicted for its own good
  17. I, Robot, B+, more action and suspense than sci-fi, still good
  18. Phantom of the Opera, B+, almost collapses under its own weight
  19. Kill Bill, Vol. 2, B, revenge movie with Tarantino flourishes
  20. Million Dollar Baby, B, I liked the first movie, not the second
  21. Ray, B, a solid, if not inspiring biography
  22. Dodgeball, B, enough funny moments to make it worth watching
  23. Mean Girls, B, a simple statement that is worth stating
  24. Shrek 2, B, after a bleak first third some good laughs
  25. Beyond the Sea, B-, a very showbiz biography of Bobby Darin
  26. Napoleon Dynamite, B-, stark indie movie with goofball characters
  27. Farenheit 9/11, B-, scattershot indictment of Bush
  28. Thirteen Going on Thirty, C+, awkward remake of Big
  29. Welcome to Mooseport, C, great cast delivers a bland comedy
  30. Meet the Fokkers, D, poor excuse for a movie