2006 in Review

  1. An Inconvenient Truth, A, important message, but told incredibly well
  2. Inside Man, A-, great caper movie is a pleasure to watch unfold
  3. United 93, A-, detailed retelling of 9/11 makes great drama
  4. Stranger Than Fiction, A-, a nice offbeat movie
  5. V for Vendetta, A-, Batman meets Orwell in a classic face off
  6. Letters From Iwo Jima, A-, well-made movie, but speculative
  7. The Illusionist, A-, great-looking short story brought to life
  8. Thank You For Smoking, B+, funny take on spin control
  9. The Devil Wears Prada, B+, cute Cinderella story, Streep great as stepmother
  10. Dreamgirls, B+, solid story and performances, but needed focus
  11. The Queen, B+, well-made small film is like a British West Wing
  12. Little Miss Sunshine, B+, fun, dark family road movie
  13. The Last King of Scotland, B+, great portrayal of Idi Amin with a strong story
  14. Pursuit of Happyness, B+, bleak movie saved by upbeat Will Smith
  15. Borat, B+, filthy, but entertaining with good DVD extras
  16. The Da Vinci Code, B, good story, too much hype
  17. Nanny McPhee, B, enjoyable story of British brats being trained
  18. Invincible, B, well-done, but overdone sports movie
  19. Casino Royale, B, serviceable Bond at your service
  20. The Prestige, B, convoluted but grim movie about magic
  21. Cars, B, entertaining, but not up to Pixar standards
  22. Night at the Museum, B, too sweet, but some good jokes and action
  23. The World's Fastest Indian, B, road movie about a man and his motorcycle
  24. The Departed, B, good setup, but weak characters and story
  25. Superman Returns, B, decent enough, but a little dull
  26. Flags of Our Fathers, B-, good story, but nothing new here
  27. Tristram Shandy, B-, amusing Altmanish mockumentary
  28. Wordplay, B-, crosswords get the Spellbound treatment
  29. Over the Hedge, B-, stale leftovers, but gets better as it goes
  30. The Good Shepherd, C+, boring main character and overly confusing story
  31. Talladega Nights, C+, entertaining but forgettable Will Ferrell vehicle
  32. American Dreamz, C+, an American Idol spoof, not without its charms
  33. Children of Men, C, post-apocalyptic mess of a movie
  34. Underworld: Evolution, C-, just like watching the first movie, unfortunately
  35. Happy Feet, C-, the usual ingredients, but disappointing results
  36. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, D+, horrible disappointment
  37. Pan's Labyrinth, D, fancy-looking, depressing horror movie