2007 in Review

  1. Charlie Wilson's War, A, surprisingly funny and smart
  2. Michael Clayton, A, well-made movie, strong story, good acting
  3. Ratatouille, A, less action and more focus on story and characters
  4. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, A, well-realized movie version better than the book
  5. Lars and the Real Girl, A-, much better than typical guy-dates-mannequin films
  6. Juno, A-, good writing and strong characters, cute movie
  7. Gone Baby Gone, A-, solid kidnapping story delivers on all levels
  8. No Country for Old Men, A-, intensely compelling with a bad ending
  9. Meet the Robinsons, A-, surprisingly good animated movie
  10. Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story, A-, funny, well-made sendup of music biopics
  11. Once, B+, overly indie movie but well worth watching
  12. Live Free or Die Hard, B+, big, fun action movie
  13. Enchanted, B+, predictable, but worth watching
  14. Breach, B+, good cat and mouse with a very strong villain
  15. 3:10 to Yuma, B+, exciting character-driven Western ends poorly
  16. Bee Movie, B+, Pixar movies get the Seinfeld treatment
  17. The Lookout, B+, solid movie combines a couple of genres
  18. No End in Sight, B+, good documentary, missing a lot of pieces
  19. The Golden Compass, B+, pretty and entertaining, but dark and confusing
  20. The King of Kong, B+, reality portrait of 80's video gamers
  21. The Assassination of Jesse James, B, well-made but slow character study Western
  22. The Simpsons Movie, B, a movie version of the animated TV show
  23. The Bourne Ultimatum, B, more of the same, but this is a formula that works
  24. I Am Legend, B, intriguing and suspenseful post-apocalyptic movie
  25. Superbad, B, vulgar, over-the-top, but ultimately funny
  26. Zodiac, B, well-made crime drama unravels at the end
  27. Atonement, B, pretty movie, but not much going on
  28. Waitress, B, sweet and quirky indie movie with flat characters
  29. Hot Fuzz, B, silly spoof has funny moments before going astray
  30. The Transformers, B-, big action movie about a boy and his robot
  31. The Kite Runner, B-, child abuse movie dressed as cultural storybook
  32. Sweeney Todd, B-, dark musical is too familiar, unredeemed by songs
  33. There Will Be Blood, C+, a slow ride to nowhere
  34. The Darjeeling Limited, C+, annoying, self-involved characters find themselves
  35. Hairspray, C+, big production comes off artificial and contrived
  36. Knocked Up, C, an offensively rude movie turned chick flick
  37. Black Snake Moan, C+, Christina Ricci looks great in very small outfit
  38. Music and Lyrics, C-, lite, cute with some good jokes about 80's music
  39. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, C-, More and more excess, but at least it's over now