2008 in Review

  1. Doubt, A, well-written showcase for great acting
  2. Madagascar 2, A, consistently funny with strong characters
  3. Young at Heart, A, fun, bittersweet movie about octogenarian rockers
  4. Iron Man, A-, superhero flick features solid acting and writing
  5. Ghost Town, A-, cute, funny, romantic; this is a nice movie
  6. Bolt, A-, good movie about a lost dog and his sidekicks
  7. The Dark Knight, A-, big action movie runs a little long; great joker
  8. Wall-E, B+, Buster Keaton and Metropolis meet Pixar
  9. Hancock, B+, a movie about a failing superhero has a twist
  10. In Bruges, B+, very dark comedy about gangsters with ethics
  11. The Bank Job, B+, good caper movie based loosely on a true story
  12. Forgetting Sarah Marshall, B+, suprisingly conventional Apatow romantic comedy
  13. Goodbye Solo, B+, typical indie movie set in Winston-Salem
  14. Frost Nixon, B+, great portrayal of Nixon but not a battle of wits
  15. Milk, B+, good, if pedestrian, movie about gay rights leader
  16. Journey to the Center of the Earth, B+, big silly action movie is still fun to watch
  17. Burn After Reading, B+, not as funny as it would have liked to be
  18. Encounters at the End of the World, B+, atypical antarctic documentary focuses on humans
  19. Man on Wire, B, good documentary about a famous stunt
  20. Gran Torino, B, Bad acting nearly ruins Eastwood's culture clash
  21. Kung Fu Panda, B, good movie, nothing really all that new
  22. Prince Caspian, B, still good, but feels a little tired
  23. The Great Buck Howard, B, nice story is enjoyable but has rough edges
  24. Tropic Thunder, B, not bad, just not always that funny
  25. Transsiberian, B, good thriller, but characters do stupid things
  26. Penelope, B-, cute story about a cursed modern-day princess
  27. Slumdog Millionaire, B-, neat idea shows life in slums but very violent
  28. Horton Hears a Who, B-, classic Suess tale feels very padded
  29. Mamma Mia, C+, even with low expectations I was disappointed
  30. Indiana Jones 4, C, all the ingredients, none of the magic
  31. Four Christmases, C, good idea, great actors, but it doesn't work
  32. Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day, C, everything I don't like about madcap romps
  33. Nim's Island, C-, bad writing, bad directing, bad acting, nice try
  34. W, D, wandering introduction to someone we already know