2009 in Review

  1. The Hurt Locker, A, non-stop tension and excitement
  2. Up, A, rich characters, good story, a little manipulative
  3. 500 Days of Summer, A-, well-written break-up movie with jumbled timeline
  4. Inglorious Basterds, A-, great cast of characters as Tarantino shines
  5. Avatar, A-, fun and exciting in 3-D despite flat characters
  6. State of Play, A-, fun, fast-paced newspaper investigation
  7. The Hangover, A-, bachelor party in Vegas with good writing
  8. The Princess and the Frog, B+, conventional, but well-made Disney animated movie
  9. I Love You, Man, B+, chick flick for men saved by two strong leads
  10. The Messenger, B+, small story about the two army guys at the door
  11. Crazy Heart, B+, slow-moving character study, with strong acting
  12. Star Trek, B+, brainy sci-fi series gets mindless makeover
  13. District 9, B+, gory, violent, but thought-provoking sci-fi piece
  14. Up in the Air, B+, Clooney brings charm to this character study
  15. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, B+, solid movie, but feels more like an episode
  16. Sherlock Holmes, B+, Downey's action hero Holmes still worth watching
  17. The Blind Side, B+, formulaic feel-good movie still fun to watch
  18. Invictus, B, typical rugby/Mandela movie
  19. The Invention of Lying, B+, Gervais is great but concept doesn't quite gel
  20. Adventureland, B, a decent look at growing up in the early 80's
  21. Where the Wild Things Are, B-, moody child meets moody monsters and ???
  22. Fantastic Mr. Fox, B, familiar story gets a makeover
  23. Night at the Museum 2, B, bloated cast in a movie more fun than funny
  24. Duplicity, B-, corporate espionage, not as fun as real espionage
  25. Year One, C+, best parts in the previews, but worth watching
  26. Paul Blart: Mall Cop, C+, has its moments, but too many fat jokes