2012 in Review

  1. Argo, A, entertaining yarn about a daring rescue
  2. Zero Dark Thirty, A-, great story, not as exciting as you'd think
  3. The Avengers, A-, characters and action rescue average plot
  4. Moonrise Kingdom, A-, offbeat, sweet, weird, Wes Anderson
  5. Lincoln, A-, good political story and cast make a strong film
  6. Silver Linings Playbook, A-, lightweight movie with heavyweight performances
  7. Madagascar 3, B+, bloated, but still enjoyable, addition
  8. Skyfall, B+, Bond benefits from character development
  9. Brave, B, good movie, but not much new here
  10. Django Unchained, B, Tarantino goes astray with this one
  11. Flight, B-, well executed, but feels a little tired
  12. The Amazing Spider-Man, B-, probably too soon for a remake of this movie
  13. Les Miserables, B-, too big, too dark, and too much singing
  14. Cabin in the Woods, B-, dressed up horror movies is still a horror movie
  15. The Hunger Games, C+, movie condemns gladiators while glorifying them
  16. Wreck-It Ralph, C+, not that good, which is kind of bad
  17. Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, C, a poorly made pretentiously silly romantic comdey