Silver Linings Playbook


I didn't hear much about this movie when it came out, but the Blu-ray was cheap at Target and it got surprisingly good reviews, so I went ahead and bought it knowing almost nothing about it except that it was a romance with Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper. Though it was nominated for a lot of Oscars, it still has a low budget feel to it. There is the romantic plot, which I guess you know has to get going, but there is also a lot of family drama with Cooper's parents, the father played well by Robert De Niro. All of the acting performances are very good, especially Bradley Cooper, but the material isn't overbearingly heavy (not light either since he has some serious mental issues). There is also an angle where Jennifer Lawrence does some surprisingly bad dancing, that I guess again kind of keeps the movie grounded. Those kinds of choices keep the movie more realistic and ultimately better because it could have easily spiraled out into other directions with the big names involved. Ultimately it is just a good movie and succeeds on a few levels, so I was happily surprised.