2013 in Review

  1. Gravity, A, well done space disaster movie
  2. Her, A-, great concept and performances, kinda creepy
  3. American Hustle, B+, well made movie, but the material is a letdown
  4. Star Trek Into Darkness, A-, a lot of action, great characters and story
  5. The Butler, B+, nice story of perseverance and incremental change
  6. Captain Phillips, B+, good true story brought to life
  7. Frozen, B+, not great, but still a pretty good Disney flick
  8. Saving Mr. Banks, B, not entirely pleasant story of making Disney magic
  9. Bad Grandpa, B-, uneven, but sometimes very funny reality movie
  10. Monsters University, B-, not Pixar's best, but a fun movie for kids