2014 in Review

  1. The Grand Budapest Hotel, A, a grand visual experience, with a fine cast
  2. Gone Girl, A-, very good story and acting
  3. Guardians of the Galaxy, A-, fun and entertaining sci fi flick
  4. The Imitation Game, A-, good characters, great acting, interesting story
  5. The Theory of Everything, A-, a great personal story of a science celebrity
  6. The Lego Movie, B+, surprisingly good movie about plastic people
  7. Big Hero 6, B+, typical action movie has a strong beginning
  8. Night at the Museum 3, B+, solid finale avoids pitfalls of first sequel
  9. American Sniper, B, good portrait of a soldier, not a great movie
  10. Godzilla, B, a solid update of a classic monster movie
  11. John Wick, B, well done, but basically plotless gun ballet
  12. Birdman, C+, an acting movie for actors
  13. Boyhood, D+, actually seems 12 years long