Pete's Dragon


Disney had an amazing year in 2016, dominating the top 15 highest grossing movies of the year, but Pete's Dragon wasn't even in the running (still finishing number 40). It is a harmless piece of fluff with a by-the-numbers plot and cast so most people skipped it. Still, it is a movie worth watching because a story about a boy and his magical pet still works. This particular magic pet, a green fuzzy dragon with a very expressive face, is easy to like. And the bad humans aren't quite as bad as they usually are. For the most part the movie feels pretty low budget despite some pretty good CGI of the fuzzy dragon. The actors are kind of familiar, but the only big name is Robert Redford. Despite the best plans of the evil guys, in the end we get a happy ending and even a nice surprise. Almost more of a Hallmark movie than anything remotely serious, but if you want something cute that will make you feel good, why not?