Lady Bird


This movie has been getting very good reviews which left me wary that it would be heavy and/or slow, but, while it has an edge to it, is still a pretty conventional coming of age story of a girl finishing her senior year of high school. While there are a lot of dramatic elements, there are probably enough funny scenes and romantic twists for this to be considered a comedy, which makes it lighter than I was expecting. The characters are all good, eccentric but excellent performances keep them realistic. Saoirse Ronan as the titular character has a tricky part to play having to win the audience over despite some flaws. Another big part by Laurie Metcalf as her overbearing mother provides a challenge as well but is executed so well she should at least get an Oscar nomination. Despite everything being pitch perfect, I still don't feel like that much happens and while I enjoyed it far more than the thematically similar (but disappointing for me) Boyhood I still want something a little more substantial (or funnier since it seems to walk a line down the middle) to get an A, so I will give this a B+, barely missing an A-.