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2017 in Review
Alien: Covenant C+
Baby Driver B+
Beauty and the Beast B
The Big Sick B+
Blade Runner 2049 B+
Cars 3 C
Coco B
Darkest Hour B+
Dunkirk B+
Get Out B+
The Greatest Showman B+
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 A-
I, Tonya B
John Wick: Chapter 2 B-
Lady Bird B+
The Lego Batman Movie C+
Phantom Thread A-
The Post B
The Shape of Water A-
Spider-Man Homecoming B
Star Wars: The Last Jedi B+
Thor: Ragnarok A-
Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri A
Wind River A-
Wonder Woman B+


2016 in Review
10 Cloverfield Lane B
The Accountant B-
Arrival B+
The BFG B+
Captain America: Civil War B+
Central Intelligence B+
Deadpool B
Doctor Strange B+
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them B
Fences C+
Finding Dory A-
Hail, Caesar! B
Hell or High Water B+
Hidden Figures A
The Jungle Book A-
La La Land B
Manchester by the Sea A-
Moana A-
The Nice Guys B
Nocturnal Animals B-
Pete's Dragon B
Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping B+
The Red Turtle C
Rogue One A
Star Trek Beyond B
Sully C
Trolls C
Zootopia A


2015 in Review
Ant-Man C
Avengers 2: Age of Ultron A-
The Big Short B
Bridge of Spies A-
Brooklyn B+
Cinderella B-
Creed B
Ex Machina A-
The Good Dinosaur B-
The Hateful Eight B-
Inside Out A
Mad Max: Fury Road B+
The Martian B
The Revenant B-
Sicario A-
Spectre B
Spotlight A
Spy B+
Star Wars: The Force Awakens A
Steve Jobs A
Tomorrowland B+
Trainwreck C+


2014 in Review
American Sniper B
Big Hero 6 B+
Birdman C+
Boyhood D+
Captain America: The Winter Soldier B
Godzilla B
Gone Girl A-
The Grand Budapest Hotel A
Guardians of the Galaxy A-
How to Train Your Dragon 2 A-
The Imitation Game A-
John Wick B
The Lego Movie B+
Night at the Museum 3 B+
The Theory of Everything A-
Whiplash A


2013 in Review
American Hustle B+
Bad Grandpa B-
The Butler B+
Captain Phillips B+
Frozen B+
Gravity A
Her A-
Iron Man 3 A-
Monsters University B-
Saving Mr. Banks B
Star Trek Into Darkness A-


2012 in Review
The Amazing Spider-Man B-
Argo A
The Avengers A-
Brave B
Cabin in the Woods B-
Django Unchained B
Flight B-
The Hunger Games C+
Les Miserables B-
Lincoln A-
Madagascar 3 B+
Moonrise Kingdom A-
Salmon Fishing in the Yemen C
Silver Linings Playbook A-
Skyfall B+
Wreck-It Ralph C+
Zero Dark Thirty A-


2011 in Review
The Adventures of Tintin A-
The Artist A
Bridesmaids A-
Captain America B
Drive B+
Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close B-
Friends With Benefits B
The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo B+
The Hangover Part II B
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 2 A-
The Help B+
Hugo B
Midnight in Paris A-
Moneyball A
Puss in Boots B
Rango B+
Super 8 B
Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy A-
Too Big To Fail A


2010 in Review
Alice in Wonderland B-
Black Swan B+
Date Night A-
Easy A B+
The Fighter B+
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows I B-
Hot Tub Time Machine B+
How to Train Your Dragon A-
Inception A-
Iron Man 2 B+
The Kids Are All Right B-
The King's Speech A-
The Other Guys B+
Red A-
The Social Network B+
Tangled B
The Town A-
Toy Story 3 B+
True Grit C
Winter's Bone A-


2009 in Review
500 Days of Summer A-
Adventureland B
Avatar A-
The Blind Side B+
Crazy Heart B+
District 9 B+
Duplicity B-
Fantastic Mr. Fox B
The Hangover A-
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince B+
The Hurt Locker A
I Love You, Man B+
Inglorious Basterds A-
The Invention of Lying B+
Invictus B
The Messenger B+
Night at the Museum 2 B
Paul Blart: Mall Cop C+
The Princess and the Frog B+
Sherlock Holmes B+
Star Trek B+
State of Play A-
Up A
Up in the Air B+
Where the Wild Things Are B-
Year One C+


2008 in Review
The Bank Job B+
Bolt A-
Burn After Reading B+
The Dark Knight A-
Doubt A
Encounters at the End of the World B+
Forgetting Sarah Marshall B+
Four Christmases C
Frost Nixon B+
Ghost Town A-
Goodbye Solo B+
Gran Torino B
The Great Buck Howard B
Hancock B+
Horton Hears a Who B-
In Bruges B+
Indiana Jones 4 C
Iron Man A-
Journey to the Center of the Earth B+
Kung Fu Panda B
Madagascar 2 A
Mamma Mia C+
Man on Wire B
Milk B+
Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day C
Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist B+
Nim's Island C-
Penelope B-
Prince Caspian B
Slumdog Millionaire B-
Transsiberian B
Tropic Thunder B
Wall-E B+
Young at Heart A


2007 in Review
3:10 to Yuma B+
The Assassination of Jesse James B
Atonement B
Bee Movie B+
Black Snake Moan C+
The Bourne Ultimatum B
Breach B+
Charlie Wilson's War A
The Darjeeling Limited C+
Enchanted B+
The Golden Compass B+
Gone Baby Gone A-
Hairspray C+
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix A
Hot Fuzz B
I Am Legend B
Juno A-
The King of Kong B+
The Kite Runner B-
Knocked Up C
Lars and the Real Girl A-
Live Free or Die Hard B+
The Lookout B+
Meet the Robinsons A-
Michael Clayton A
Music and Lyrics C-
No Country for Old Men A-
No End in Sight B+
Once B+
Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End C-
Ratatouille A
The Simpsons Movie B
Superbad B
Sweeney Todd B-
There Will Be Blood C+
The Transformers B-
Waitress B
Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story A-
Zodiac B


2006 in Review
American Dreamz C+
Borat B+
Cars B
Casino Royale B
Children of Men C
The Da Vinci Code B
The Departed B
The Devil Wears Prada B+
Dreamgirls B+
Flags of Our Fathers B-
The Good Shepherd C+
Happy Feet C-
The Illusionist A-
An Inconvenient Truth A
Inside Man A-
Invincible B
The Last King of Scotland B+
Letters From Iwo Jima A-
Little Miss Sunshine B+
Nanny McPhee B
Night at the Museum B
Over the Hedge B-
Pan's Labyrinth D
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest D+
The Prestige B
Pursuit of Happyness B+
The Queen B+
Stranger Than Fiction A-
Superman Returns B
Talladega Nights C+
Thank You For Smoking B+
Tristram Shandy B-
Underworld: Evolution C-
United 93 A-
V for Vendetta A-
Wordplay B-
The World's Fastest Indian B


2005 in Review
40 Year Old Virgin B
Capote B+
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory B
The Constant Gardener B
The Corpse Bride B-
Crash A
The Curse of the Were-Rabbit B+
Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room A
Everything Is Illuminated B-
The Family Stone B-
Good Night and Good Luck C+
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire B
A History of Violence B
Hotel Rwanda C+
The Interpreter B+
Just Like Heaven A
King Kong C
The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe A-
Lord of War A-
March of the Penguins C+
The Matador B+
Match Point C+
Memoirs of a Geisha C
Munich A
Must Love Dogs B
The Notorious Bettie Page B
Revenge of the Sith A
Serenity A-
Shopgirl B+
Sin City B+
Syriana B-
The Upside of Anger B
Walk the Line A
The Weather Man C-
The Wedding Crashers B+


2004 in Review
The Aviator B+
Beyond the Sea B-
The Bourne Supremacy B+
Collateral B+
Dodgeball B
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind A
Farenheit 9/11 B-
Finding Neverland A-
Garden State A
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban A-
I, Robot B+
The Incredibles A-
Kill Bill, Vol. 2 B
Man on Fire B+
Mean Girls B
Meet the Fokkers D
Million Dollar Baby B
Napoleon Dynamite B-
Phantom of the Opera B+
The Polar Express B+
Proof A-
Ray B
Riding Giants A
Shaun of the Dead B+
Shrek 2 B
Sideways A-
Spiderman 2 A-
Thirteen Going on Thirty C+
Troy A
Welcome to Mooseport C
Wimbledon B+


2003 in Review
American Splendor A-
Big Fish A-
Bruce Almighty D
The Cooler C+
Elf B+
Finding Nemo A
Fog of War C+
Freaky Friday A-
Holes A-
How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days C+
Identity B
In America B+
The Italian Job A
Kill Bill, Vol. 1 B
The Last Samurai B+
Lost in Translation B+
Love Actually A
Matchstick Men B
The Matrix: Reloaded B
The Matrix: Revolutions B
The Missing B
Mystic River A-
Once Upon a Time in Mexico B+
Pirates of the Caribbean B
Raising Victor Vargas B-
Return of the King A
School of Rock B-
Seabiscuit A-
Secondhand Lions C
The Station Agent A-
Tears of the Sun B-
Terminator 3 B
Underworld B+
Winged Migration C


2002 in Review
24 Hour Party People A-
8 Mile B
About a Boy C
Adaptation B+
Attack of the Clones B+
Austin Powers: Goldmember D+
Bend It Like Beckham B
The Bourne Identity B
Bowling for Columbine B+
Catch Me If You Can A-
Chicago A
City of God B+
Dogtown and Z-Boys A-
Gangs of New York C
The Good Girl B
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets B+
The Hours B+
Ice Age C
Igby Goes Down C
Lilo & Stitch B
Minority Report B
My Big Fat Greek Wedding B
One Hour Photo C+
The Quiet American A
Road to Perdition B
The Secretary C+
Signs B+
Solaris A-
Spellbound A-
Spider-Man A
Spirited Away B
Star Trek Nemesis B-
Sweet Home Alabama C+
The Two Towers B+
We Were Soldiers A
Y Tu Mama Tambien B


2001 in Review
Amelie B
American Pie 2 D
A Beautiful Mind B-
Behind Enemy Lines C+
Blackhawk Down A
Enemy at the Gates B
Fellowship of the Ring A
Ghost World C+
Gosford Park A
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone A-
IMAX: Beaver C+
Kate and Leopold B+
Legally Blonde C
The Mexican B+
Monster's Ball B+
Monsters, Inc. B
Moulin Rouge A-
Ocean's Eleven A-
The Others B+
The Royal Tenenbaums B
Shrek B-
Training Day B-
Vanilla Sky B+


2000 in Review
Almost Famous A
Best in Show B-
Billy Elliot B
Bounce B+
Cast Away B-
The Cell B+
Chicken Run B-
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon B+
The Emperor's New Groove B+
Erin Brockovich B+
Family Man A
Gladiator A
High Fidelity C+
Nurse Betty B+
O Brother Where Art Thou B-
The Patriot A
The Perfect Storm B
Rules of Engagement D+
Small Time Crooks B
Space Cowboys C+
Thirteen Days B+
Titan A.E. B
Traffic A-
U-571 C+
Wonder Boys B-
You Can Count on Me A-


1999 in Review
American Beauty B-
Being John Malkovich A-
Bowfinger D+
A Civil Action B
Election B
Eyes Wide Shut C-
Fight Club C
The Green Mile B
Happy, Texas C+
IMAX: Elephants of Africa A
The Iron Giant B+
The Matrix B+
Notting Hill B
October Sky B-
The Phantom Menace B
The Red Violin B
Rushmore B
The Sixth Sense A
South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut B+
The Spy Who Shagged Me C-
The Talented Mr. Ripley C+
Tarzan B+
Three Kings B
Topsy Turvy B-
Toy Story 2 B+


1998 in Review
American History X A-
Antz B
The Apostle B-
Babe: Pig in the City B+
The Big Lebowski C-
A Bug's Life B
Gattaca B+
The Mask of Zorro B-
Mulan B
The Opposite of Sex C+
Out of Sight A-
Pi B-
Pleasantville B-
Primary Colors C+
Rounders B-
Saving Private Ryan B
The Siege D
Something About Mary B-
The Spanish Prisoner B+
The Truman Show B+
Zero Effect B