Sony Car Stereos by Input Choices

For best results consult your owner's manual to see if it allows you to connect auxilliary devices (AUX lite) or if just has CD/MD changer controls (Unilink only) or none of the above (no inputs). If you don't have the manual, you can probably download it from Sony. Failing that you can use this table, but I can't guarantee that the information here is complete or even correct.

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Year AUX Lite Unilink input only No inputs
2005 CDX-F5710, F7715, M7815, M8815, M9905, R5715 CDX-F5510, R5515 CDX-S2010, S2210, GT100, GT200
2004 CDX-F5700, F5705X, F7000, F7005X, F7700, F7705X, M8800, M8805X, M9900, M9905X CDX-F5000, F5005X, F5500, F5505X CDX-S2000, R3000, R3300
2003 CDX-CA680X, MP70, MP80, M800, M850MP, M3DI; MEX-5DI, MEX-1HD CDX-CA710X, CA810X, MP40; XR-CA350X, CA650X CDX-L410X, L510X
2002 CDX-CA900X CDX-CA700X, CA720X, CA800X, M630, M730, MP30 CDX-L300, L600X
2001 CDX-M610

Last modified: August 23, 2005