Thai 92 Ten Year Reunion at Corolla, North Carolina

Trip to Kitty Hawk

Flyer replica At the 4th flight monument Group Photo!

Trip to Roanoake Island & Bodie Lighthouse

Group Photo!! Elizabeth II
Group Photo!!! Up the staircase Sign inside Butt kickers


[Row 1; No. 1]
There is a replica of the plane there with a dummy in the pilot's spot. The original is at the Smithsonian. But to the left you can see the actual sewing machine that was used to sew the cloth for the wings.
[Row 1; No. 2]
Barry, Mike, and John stand at the marker for the fourth flight of the day which was about four times as long as the first three flights of the day. The hill in the background had little to do with any of the historic events and I have no idea why there is a monument at the top of it.
[Row 2; No. 1]
This picture confirms my theory that married men always tuck their shirts into their shorts and single men always leave theirs out. What's up with that?
[Row 2; No. 2]
A replica of the Elizabeth II which brought the doomed settlers of Roanoake to the New World. Being a lost colony, the trip to Roanoake was a little anticlimactic, the only remnants being some mounds of dirt in the woods. We also visited the North Carolina aquarium and introduced Sam and Jim to the delights of sweet iced tea.
[Row 3; No. 1]
The Bodie Island lighthouse used the same plans as the one at Currituck including each of their 214 steps. They were built within a year of each other and differ only in the paint job and location (about 30 miles apart). The third lighthouse of that time is the larger one at Cape Hatteras.
[Row 3; No. 2]
One other difference with the Currituck lighthouse is that you aren't allowed to go up to the top here. Located in a national park, the lighthouse is still the property and responsibility of the Coast Guard. But the park service plans to take over upkeep and operation of everything but the light itself in the next few years just as at Currituck. One big issue is repair of the spiral staircase which is no longer properly anchored to the walls. Go back to Thai 92 Main

Last modified: 5 September 2000