Vertical Curve Program for Palm

Given back and ahead grades (G1 and G2, in percent), plus the elevation and station of the PVI as well as the length of curve, this program will calculate the elevation and slope of any given station. If the given station is not on the curve, the elevation will be calculated on the back or ahead grade appropriately. Also calculates low (or high) point station and elevation (if one exists).

This program is for symetric vertical curves (PVI is halfway between PVC and PVT) and is designed for feet, but will work for metric if you enter meters (don't use stations and leave the + sign off; e.g. STA 10+00 would just be 1000).

When I am learning to write software I usually start off with a vertical curve program, so that's how this came about. I wrote this program while learning Palm programming using a CASLsoft demo. I also wrote a version for the HP-48 and HP-49.

Download the file: (40 kb)

Here's a screenshot:

For points on the vertical curve:

Elev PVC = Elev PVI - G1*LVC/2

x = Station - Sta PVI - LVC/2

Grade = G1 + (G2-G1)*X/(100*LVC)

Elevation = Elev PVC + G1*X/100 + (G2-G1)*X^2/(200*LVC)



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Last modified: April 18, 2005

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