Travel to Salt Lake City

Looking over Willow Flats

We had another breakfast of orange juice and muffins. At one point we were thinking we could take in a few more sights or at least see Old Faithful go off again, but we needed to stop by Grand Teton NP again to return the bracelet Susan had bought because the latch was defective. The trip was about 90 minutes shorter if we went out through the West entrance to the park, but it was nice going back to the Teton's, especially because the weather had cleared up and the Tetons looked the best we had seen them. On the way down the southern entrance to Yellowstone, we saw a weasel or something race across the road in front of us.

Grand Tetons

Since we were back at the Signal Mountain gift shop, we were able to get lunch at the Signal Mountain Dining Room again. We skipped dessert, knowing that time was going to be tight. And it was. We continued on through the park and out at Moose Junction, stopping for pictures a couple of times. By the time we were in Jackson, we realized it would be extremely hard to get to Salt Lake City by 7 PM to pick up the dogs. Susan's GPS didn't recognize the route we were using and at one point said we would arrive as late as 7:45 PM. However, by the time we hit I-15, it was down to 7:15 and the estimated arrival dropped a minute every 5 minutes, which was amazing since the speed limit was 75 mph most of the way. We made no stops along the interstate and got the dogs at about 10 till 7.