We spent the first two days in Denver seeing the sights. We went to the mint (no photography allowed), capitol (the dome is covered in gold; wonder where they got that idea?), botanical gardens, aquarium, and zoo. The Botanical Gardens was very large and had tons of great plants, especially native Colorado wildflowers like Columbine.
Capitol Rotunda Blue Flower Columbine
Capitol Rotunda Blue Flower Columbine

The Denver Zoo had all kinds of different animals in and out of cages. We saw a few rabbits wandering around.
Dikdik and bird African Wild Dogs Roaming rabbit
Dikdik and Friend African Wild Dogs Roaming Rabbit

They had some unusual animals like this very large tapir and a nice cuddly group of polar bears. Susan said I should take a picture of a wandering peacock from behind since nobody ever takes pictures of that side. I think it turned out just fine.
Tapir Polar Bear Family Roaming peacock
Tapir Polar Bear Family Roaming Peacock

The first animal we saw that day was a 13-striped ground squirrel running around near the front gate. It was too fast to take a picture of it but later on we saw another one. I had never seen anything quite like it. They also had a capybara which is like a giant guinea pig.
Roaming Squirrel Lioness Capybara
13-Striped Ground Squirrel Lioness Capybara

We also saw this family of geese making their way to the dolphin show. Maybe they were just looking for water. When we got back to the hotel we saw that there was a family of mallard ducks in the swimming pool. Someone had even built a wooden ramp so the baby ducks could get in and out of the pool. I did not swim in this pool.
Roaming Geese Ducks
Roaming Geese Ducks in Pool

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Last modified: 25 June 2005