Toy Story 2


It's nice that they have been able to continue Toy Story with such a worthy sequel. I like the way they incorporated the events at the end of the last movie with what's going on in this one (the puppy). I like how the characters have developed, especially Buzz Lightyear and the T-rex. It was fun just seeing all of these guys interacting again with their distinct personalities. There weren't a whole lot of really funny scenes and I'm afraid the best ones will probably get old during the previews. And there was almost too much action, to the point that I was ready for it to end when there was still one more big sequence left. Also they use the voice of Seinfeld's Newman, but the guy wasn't actually Newman which I thought was a little distracting. Maybe they could have used a more generic voice. But those are just minor quibbles. All in all it was a lot of fun and very well done.

At the beginning they have the first Pixar short with the desk lamps. It was cute but very short: I think the credits lasted almost as long. Still, it was a nice bonus.

Highly recommended. B+