2016 in Review

  1. Rogue One, A, another great chapter of Star Wars
  2. Zootopia, A, great neo-noir story, characters, and setup
  3. Manchester by the Sea, A-, slow moving but well made character study
  4. Moana, A-, simple plot, but well made and entertaining
  5. The Jungle Book, A-, surprisingly good as an action movie
  6. Finding Dory, A-, good story and characters, over the top action
  7. Arrival, B+, good alien contact movie with some twists
  8. Dr. Strange, B+, a new kind of Marvel hero, but somehow the same
  9. Captain America: Civil War, B+, good movie, but getting a little tired
  10. Central Intelligence, B+, fun buddy comedy wth Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart
  11. Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping, B+, goofy, but mostly funny takeoff of pop stardom
  12. La La Land, B, good story and romance, but a little amateur
  13. Pete's Dragon, B, predicatable but very nice piece of fluff
  14. Hail, Caesar!, B, interesting, silly period piece about Hollywood
  15. The Nice Guys, B, funny, entertaining, 70s detective movie
  16. 10 Cloverfield Lane, B, suspenseful and keeps you guessing
  17. Deadpool, B, grittier, but familiar Marvel movie
  18. Nocturnal Animals, B-, some very good performance but not my thing
  19. Fences, C+, great performances, but a loathsome leading man
  20. Trolls, C, slow and kind of dark with fun music