2015 in Review

  1. Spotlight, A, great acting and an excellent story told well
  2. Inside Out, A, fun, inventive movie about a kid's brain
  3. Star Wars: The Force Awakens, A, very good reboot to a new series
  4. Steve Jobs, A, great acting and writing
  5. Ex Machina, A-, cool looking sci-fi robot flick
  6. Avengers 2: Age of Ultron, A-, another Avengers blockbuster, with a better plot
  7. Bridge of Spies, A-, great performances in this quiet Cold War story
  8. Mad Max: Fury Road, B+, a big chase scene, true to original series
  9. Brooklyn, B+, well done romance, if a little too simple
  10. Tomorrowland, B+, a good smaller scale sci-fi movie for smart kids
  11. Spy, B+, well crafted spy spoof keeps the jokes coming
  12. The Big Short, B, good movie about Wall Street outsiders
  13. Creed, B, old Rocky meets new Rocky in a nice boxing pic
  14. The Martian, B, good Robinson Crusoe story, set on Mars
  15. Spectre, B, not groundbreaking, but fun and worth watching
  16. The Good Dinosaur, B-, Pixar swings and misses on dinosaurs
  17. The Hateful Eight, B-, over the top characters and a thin sagging plot
  18. The Revenant, B-, lays on the gore a little too thick
  19. Cinderella, B-, serviceable remake of a classic
  20. Ant-Man, C, minor Marvel movie is a big let down