2000 in Review

  1. Almost Famous, A, really fun and well-balanced
  2. Gladiator, A, very strong movie with a weak ending
  3. The Patriot, A, similar to Gladiator, very solid
  4. Family Man, A, well-done alternative reality movie
  5. Traffic, A-, a hard look at many sides of illegal drugs
  6. You Can Count on Me, A-, a neat portrait of some realistic people
  7. Erin Brockovich, B+, solid lawyer movie, arbitration ending fizzles
  8. The Emperor's New Groove, B+, funny and light-hearted Disney buddy movie
  9. Bounce, B+, good performances but not a lot of chemistry
  10. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, B+, good story and fights, cheesy effects
  11. The Cell, B+, stunning visuals, cool ideas, dumb detective story
  12. Nurse Betty, B+, goofy, violent, fun, not for everyone
  13. Thirteen Days, B, Kennedys get the West Wing treatment
  14. The Perfect Storm, B, takes a long time to get to an ending we know
  15. Billy Elliot, B, nice movie about a gritty boy dreaming of ballet
  16. Small Time Crooks, B, first part was good, but it strays
  17. O Brother Where Art Thou, B-, the Coen brothers miss the mark
  18. Cast Away, B-, interesting but not much substance
  19. Wonder Boys, B-, starts out great, but loses its way
  20. Best in Show, B-, too much improvisation, not many good laughs
  21. Chicken Run, B-, too mechanical, not as clever as Wallace & Gromit
  22. Titan A.E., B, pretty neat cartoon, good story, but for kids
  23. High Fidelity, C+, Cusack as a whining loser with girl troubles
  24. Space Cowboys, C+, entertaining, but nobody is trying very hard
  25. U-571, C+, okay movie, but there are better submarine flicks
  26. Rules of Engagement, D+, poor writing and bad plot waste a great cast