Monsters, Inc.


I caught it this weekend instead of seeing Harry. It's a good movie and very creative but I found it to be lacking at times. Every now and then something really funny would happen and I would notice myself laughing even while I realized I hadn't laughed for a while before that. Though it was entertaining all the way through, I wouldn't say it was as good as either of the Toy Story movies. I think it's more like A Bug's Life which was meticulously done but somehow came up kind of empty. The elements are all there with a lot of wisecracking and some gee whiz effects with a warehouse full of doors, but it lacked the spark and charm of Buzz Lightyear and Woody.

But that said, there is some real creativity here. So much of the material is brand new with the world of monsters and how (and why) they find their way into kids' closets. And apparently evolution doesn't work the same way in monster world because I couldn't see any two that looked like they were even the same species. It had to be a lot of fun coming up with different monsters when it would have been easy to come up with just a couple of types and call it a day.

Definitely worth seeing for kids and grownups alike, but don't get your expectations too high.

I'll give it a B.