Pixar has put together an impressive string of great animated movies. This is one of their lesser accomplishments. The elements are all here, but somehow the end result is unexciting and frankly a little too long. It is the classic story of a selfish hero who must go back to his roots to find out what is really important. As such there are too many tugs on the heartstrings and the whole effort feels tired. This might appeal to kids who haven't seen this a hundred times before.

There are still some good performances here, notably by Paul Newman and a comic role by Larry the Cable Guy. There are cameos and references to NASCAR that went over my head since I could care less about any of that. The animation itself looks very good, especially some of the roadway textures. And they are able to have fun with the whole Pixar thing as the cars gather at the drive-in (where else?) to watch car versions of past Pixar movies.

It is probably worth watching, but this is not Pixar at its best. B.