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This is a movie I have been meaning to watch for a long time. It's a nice film, a day (really a night) in the life of some high schoolers from the nice part of New Jersey visiting music clubs in New York City. Michael Cera does a good job here taking a chance by leaving behind his stammering Arrested Development mannerisms for the most part. He has broken up with an entirely too attractive girlfriend who never treated him well and starts to kindle a romance with one of her friends. Their romance starts and stops a few too many times maybe, but it is fun to watch. And their love of music as they search through New York's underground music scene seems to ring true despite it all being a little too easy and all of the characters being a little too grown up. It wasn't quite as good as I had hoped: maybe not quite enough of a plot and the characters not as fleshed out as I would want. But it feels like an updated Dazed and Confused or Reality Bites which is still a pretty good accomplishment.