Inside Out


This was not a movie I had heard much about, but it was showing up in some top ten lists and I was glad to see it was available on DVD. I picked it up at a Redbox to see what it was all about. Pixar movies are generally for kids, but this movie is much more for adults, even though it centers around an 11 year old girl. Like more than a few Pixar movies of late, it really cranks up the sentimentality and have tissues ready because there will be crying. It may be the emotional manipulation talking, but I thought this was an incredibly good piece of filmmaking. Silly and fun sometimes, but they have done a great job of showing how emotions work as they explore a sort of amusement park that is the mind of this girl. And things aren't going so well. It is all very clever, with surprising depth and emotion. Honestly, it might be a little much for kids, but parents and anyone with a childhood will eat it up.

The DVD extras were also very good, including the Pixar short that was shown with the movie in theaters, Lava, about a lonely volcano (more emotional manipulation), and some "making of" segments that show how the characters and story developed and as you get to know some of the women behind the movie.

Anyway, this is one of the great Pixar movies. Do not miss it.