Star Trek Beyond


I recently re-watched Star Trek Into Darkness and enjoyed it a lot. It was a big action movie, but also a showcase for Chris Pine's young Kirk learning some important lessons. Star Trek Beyond comes in three years into the five year mission and Kirk is tired. We can only imagine what he has been up to the entire time, just routine TV episodes I guess. The movie opens with one of those scenes, which ultimately plays out for laughts unlike the huge bang that started Into Darkness. And really this whole movie has a lighter feel to it. In many ways that is in keeping with the original series. And this movie feels a little like a mature series where there is an A story, B story, etc. each with a couple of different crew members plus some guest stars. There is a good plot here and some really great alien characters, but some of the pieces feel as tired as Jim Kirk after 3 years in space, including a really disappointing way of defeating an enemy that I won't go into here. As the crew members divide up into their different stories, it is fun seeing Spock and McCoy spend time together. And it is a good way for Sulu and Uhura to get more screen time than they would normally, though we don't get to know much about them except that Sulu has a husband and daughter. The movie is worth watching and stays interesting, but doesn't have the impact of the earlier movies.