The Big Sick


This movie got a lot of good reviews and it was one I wanted to see before wrapping up 2017 (in January 2018). I knew it was written by Kumail Nanjiani and his wife, Emily Gordon, about when they first started dating and she got very sick. In an interesting twist on boy gets girl, boy loses girl, etc., they break up and then she gets sick spending most of the movie in a medically induced coma. So the movie is more about Kumail and the other people, which are mostly his parents and her parents who are also at the hospital (and, like me, wonder why he is there since they broke up). There is still a nice story here about all of these people. Kumail's experience growing up Pakistani in America is something new and refreshing. I heard the movie was hilarious, and it has some funny parts, but it isn't really hilarious as much as it is funny and cute with some kind of heavy stuff to keep it stable. It is good that they aren't trying for big laughs because it serves the characters better. But there is a big problem with the plot, which I don't want to get into and will save for a spoiler that to me really hurt the story. I still like it and I like the characters, but it missed the mark just a little for me. Also, as so often seems to happen in movies lately, there are some key scenes where if the person tried to explain something, it would solve a lot of problems. The movie is still fun to watch, but it does sag a little in the middle.