Star Wars: The Last Jedi


It has been two years since The Force Awakens, but The Last Jedi picks up immediately afterwards. The big finish to the last movie was Rey finding Luke Skywalker on Skellig Michael off the coast of Ireland. Rey is the center of the main story of the movie and the best part. But there are subplots going on as The First Order hunts down the rebel fleet and the rebels try to find a way to survive. It seems like a lot of fans are disappointed with the movie, and I will admit there are some bothersome flaws, but overall I thought the movie was entertaining. I will admit that I even enjoyed the prequel trilogy to some extent. It is kind of easy to pick a movie like this apart because not everything in sci-fi ever makes a whole lot of sense. You just have to accept it for the most part. People complained that The Force Awakens was too derivative of the original trilogy, but now that this one has ventured off in a new direction (kind of, still a lot of similarities), people complain about that too. I liked the new characters, enjoyed catching up with the old ones, and was surprised at the direction the Luke Skywalker story went. Some of it is pretty clumsy where if a character would just tell somebody what was going on, it would have solved a lot of problems. There were a few plot holes and the whole arc seems seriously crippled not just by events of the movie but the real life death of Carrie Fisher. I gave the previous movie an A and I was equally or more impressed with last year's Rogue One. This movie is still fun, but not as good as those two, so it gets a B+.