Cabin in the Woods


I'm not generally a fan of horror movies, but Cabin in the Woods, which I had never even heard of, was one of the few UHD movies on sale that got good reviews, so I bought it blind along with the UHD version of Red, which I had liked. These were my first ever UHD purchases after getting a UHD TV and UHD player several months ago and itching to try it all out ever since. UHD is a bunch of hype and neither of these two movies seems to do anything that amazing visually, certainly not like the jump from DVD to Blu-ray.

The movie: it is a classic horror movie at heart, but they throw in some extra levels that made me hope it would be worth the zombies terrorizing the beautiful young people. I don't want to give away what happens or why because I knew very little about it going in and was glad of that (except if I had known it was going to be largely a slasher horror movie I would have skipped it). I think it works out as a nice trick and movie fans will enjoy seeing all the references to other horror movies. It is an odd coincidence that I just watched The Lego Batman Movie which had kind of a similar approach of throwing every villain ever into a pot. It's kind of fun, but it dilutes the end product, like when they get 20 rock legends to play a classic rock song together: it is impressive, but always terrible. Ultimately this is a horror movie, a genre I don't like. And even Joss Whedon can't save the movie. It was enjoyable enough to try to figure out the mystery and I like the twists and turns, but this isn't a favorite of mine. I'll give it a B-.