Monsters University


Monsters, Inc. wasn't my favorite Pixar movie by any means, but it was worth watching. There is an interesting premise behind it and the vast number of different kinds of monsters kept it interesting visually. It is hard to believe that it took 12 years for them to make a sequel, which in this case is a prequel, when the two main characters meet in college.

The movie centers around some of the difficulties the characters have in getting into college, and staying in college. And there is a big contest for best monster team that involves a bunch of fraternities and sororities, including the popular ones, and the kind of loser ones. Not really that original, but, like the first movie, it is still kind of worth watching (if you are stuck on a plane, like I was) and it has its moments. Billy Crystal as Mike gets to be a little much sometimes. This movie is more geared towards kids and leaves some of the emotional baggage of recent Pixar movies behind.